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Building a Diversified Portfolio of Luxury Real Estate.

As a developer we aim to create the most luxuriant living spaces, offices and hotels at sought after locations where our design and achritecture are obtained through exceptional levels of expertise from our top managment and external consultants. This ensure that our solutions deliver the most extravagant comfort, elegance that merges with the value of truly exclusive lifestyle.

Residential Properties

Our core competencies have always been in the development of luxury residential apartments and housing solutions.

Commercial Properties

Aiming to improve our business model we implemented a diversification strategy we ventured into the Commercial Property sector. Combining our knowledge and expertise in the residential properties our locations prove to be highly sought after.

Hotels and Resorts:

Our eye for detail helped create many masterpieces in the residential market and we hope to expand our presence further in the leisure sector.
20+ Years of

Continued Through Crisis

Trillium Havelock Residencies continued through Sri Lanka’s financial crisis, without any stoppage ensuring our investors investments are protected.

Our latest residential project

We have just recently launched our latest residential project – Trillium Duplex Residencies which will be Colombo’s first Duplex-only Condo.

what we build.

Featured Projects

Trillium Tower,
Colombo 05

Commercial Property

Trillium Tower,
Ward Place

Commercial Property

Trillium Residencies,
Colombo 08

Residential Property

Trillium Residencies,
Colombo 07

Residential Property

what we build.

Our Value Proposition

High Quality Living Solutions

We like to call our products Living solutions.

Comprehensive amenities

Our Properties come fully equipped with all of today’s necessities.

High Return on Investment

One of Colombo’s Highest Return on Investment brands.

Professional Teams

Each project is vetted by a panel of industry consultants pre and post construction.

In-house Construction

Each urban area of Rehomes is built on the basis of "A place that living is in harmony with nature"

Sustainable Projects

Sustainable solutions are needed to ensure our patrons investments are protected.